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  Hi Dr. Necip
Just wanted to drop you a line or two regarding my implants. Firstly can I just say what a great job you have done.
My experience at your clinic has been second to none, hygenic and very clean, friendly staff and very professional.
From the very first visit to your clinic I felt at ease and I really liked the way you explained everything in detail. You would not be rushed, although at times I wanted you to, but you said that the procedures would take time, but I would get the very best results which is very true.

It has now been 6 months since I had my implants and I have been back for a check up all is good.
 Just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me such a lovely smile now and of course my confidence is sky high.

Kind regards

Geert Van Bogaert

Een tevreden Belgische klant.

Aangezien ik problemen had met mijn boventanden , maar een beperkt budget om hier iets aan te doen,ben ik op op zoek gegaan naar een goede budget vriendelijke oplossing. Ik had via , via reeds vernomen dat Turkije het land is bij uitstekom deze ingrepen te laten uitvoeren en aangezien wij elk jaar naar Marmaris op vakantie gaan, lag het voor de hand dat wij daar zouden beginnen zoeken. Via het internet kwamen wij in contact met dr. Albayrak een tandarts in Marmaris. Wij hebben dan van hieruit een afspraak gemaakt.

Op de dag van de afspraak werden wij heel vriendelijk in een ontspannen sfeer ontvangen en maakten we de afspraak over wat er zou gebeuren. Alles verliep perfect in het engels. We kregen advies over alle mogelijkheden , duidelijk uitgelegd. Na mijn keuze te hebben gemaakt is dit in 3

bezoeken uitgevoerd. Ik ben zeer tevreden over het resultaat en ga elk jaar op controle bij dr. Albayrak.

Groeten van een tevreden klant,

Geert Van Bogaert

Best regards,

Solvor Rønning from Lillehammer Norway

Since we have apartement in Marmaris, I decided to go to dentist in Marmaris. I contacted Necip via e-mail and got time for dental threatment. Excellent service. I was picked up outside our apartement. Necip is very kind and the best dentist you can imagine. 5 stars - everything 100 % perfect and I really recommend Necip and his clinic to everybody. And of course prices is also very good. From now on I will only use Necip as my dentist. RECOMMENED TO ALL!

Robert from Copenhagen Denmark

Necip is a very pleasant person. I have dental phobia, but understood have to handle that and he got me to relax for the first time in a dentist chair. His work is 100% and I am very satisfied and so happy to have found this wonderful dentist. Got 2 teeth pulled out (it did not hurt) and made ​��-unit bridge. Nice work and I would recommend this dentist at any time. You feel comfortable and he patiently explains what is being done. He speaks fluent English.

Lauren carney from London

Me and my boyfriend visited necip on our holiday in turkey after some research on the net before we went.we both had gaps in our teeth.we arrived on the mon and on the tue we had a consultation booked with necip which he arrived transport from our hotel for.after a thorough consultation work began prepping our teeth.within 3 hours we left wearing temporary crowns and were then told to enjoy our holiday and would be returning for a further appointment on Friday of thet week when the permanent crowns were to be fitted.we returned on the fri,again with a free taxi rude arranged by necip.we are both extremely happy with the results and it cost a fraction of the cost of would it would have done in the uk-and would recommend it to anyone.thankyou necip for our new smiles:-)

Lauren carney from London

maggie isle of bute scotland

 hello everyone
my sister and i looked on the website then made the appointment to see necep albayrak when we went on holiday 12th may 2012.
our appointment was made for 15th that day he took my sister mary (from milton keynes) first,
mary was in the chair for an hour, she needed a bridge containing of three teeth, then i went in and i was in the chair for three hours as i wanted my whole mouth of caps renewed encluding a bridge.
it had been 15 years since i first had them done and they were passed there best !
at 6 oclock that night i got my temporary teeth in they even looked good, we then went back 18th mary got her new bridge they were a perfect match, then i went in and was furnished with my new set i am delighted to say that it is the best money i have ever spent. !
and they were almost half the price i paid 15 years ago.
necip was very easy to get on with and his nurse was very gentle
thankyou to you all we will pop in and see you whenever we go to marmaris again.

maggie & mary

jackie manning

for three years i have had three front teeth on a pallet as i could not afford a bridge in the uk. i went to see dis hekimi Necip ALBAYRAK whilst on holiday in icmeler, i was picked up from my hotel for each appointment and kindly driven back. the work i have had done is amazing, three crowns and a three tooth bridge, I put my full trust in this fantastic dentist we choose the colour together to match my own teeth. i will be going back next year to have a couple of existing crowns replaced. i have confidence back when i smile, thank you Necip ALBAYRAK see you next year,

jackie manning

Highly recommended!

 I went to see Dr Albayrak in May 2012 with Dee. (see her review). I was so impressed with her teeth and she recommended me to him. I had 14 crowns all done in a week. He put me at ease, and there was no pain. I am very happy with the results and I am smiling everywhere I go! My partener has decided to save up and have some work done. Highly recommended!

Marilyn Todd

Extremely Professional Gentleman

I first made contact with Dr Albayrak in October 2010, as I required crowns and a bridge. We passed a number of emails with my questions(having badly discoloured teeth since childhood due to antibiotics) before I decided to travel to Marmaris to have my dental treatment. 
Every email was so professional I made the decision to travel to Marmaris in June 2011. 

I was collected from my Hotel,  (which was only 10 mins from the practice) where I met Dr. Albayrak.The surgery and instruments where spotless clean. 
 Dr. Albayrak made me feel very relaxed, as I was really nervous.
I had 14 temp crowns and a bridge fitted, I was taken back to hotel, and three days later again collected from my hotel, taken to the practice and I received my 14 new crowns and bridge. I have never looked back, I love the new me, and has given me a lot more confidence.
The treatment I received was second to none, extremely professional. 

Since my return I have recommended Dr. Albayrak to a number of people.

I am returning to Marmaris this year, and will return to Dr. Albayrak for a checkup.


Sandra Collum Cox

Min mand harlige været hos tandlæge Necip Albayrak. Hvilket behageligt menneske og dygtig i sit fag. Min mand har tandlægeskræk, men det forstod Necip at håndtere. 2 tænder rykket uden min mand sagde et kny og smilede endda bagefter. Han fik en 4-leddet bro og arbejdet er så flot. Prisen vi skulle betale var ikke at sammenligne med det prisoverslag vi havde fået her i DK. Bestilte tid via mail inden vi rejste derned, blev hentet og bragt til hotellet hver gang. En rigtig god oplevelse og jeg vil anbefale Necip til hver en tid.

Else Frost

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Wij zijn al enkele jaren onder behandeling bij Necip Albayrak, tandarts in Marmaris, Turkije. Het is voortreffelijk. Goede service, pijnloos, goedkoop en snel. Het ideale adres voor uw hele gebit. Hij haalt je op in uw hotel en is 75% goedkoper dan in Nederland. Wij hebben de ervaring dat het beter is om de extra tandarts verzekering op te zeggen en lekker een gratis vakantie naar Marmaris te boeken. We hebben nog veel meer informatie. Dus als u wilt stuur dan een mailtje en we zullen alle vragen beantwoorden. Nog 1 ding. De verdovingen in Nederland zijn niet bepaald pijnloos. Hij heeft een manier wardoor je werkelijk niets voelt. Ongelofelijk maar waar.
Groetjes uit Den Haag.

Ben Thijssen

Thank you

    I visited Dr Albayrak dentist in late August 2014 . I contact him a week weeks prior to travelling to Marmaris and gave him of an idea of the treatments I wanted , Crowns , Bridge and replacement of old fillings with white ones . We chatted on email and he instilled a lot of confidence in me and I subsequently made an appointment to visit him . The whole experience was absolutely amazing , yes hard to say a visit ( well about 8 in total ) to the dentists was amazing . The clinic was spotless and you were asked to wear covers on your shoes straight away on arrival . Myself and Dr Albayrak discussed in length all the treatments I wanted and at no stage did I feel pressured into any treatment in fact he did the opposite an try to talk me out of replacing my old grey fillings , as I wanted white ones. The price was unbelievable in comparison to the uk paying a third of the uk private prices . I was collected from my hotel for each visit and returned at the end . Each visit was brilliant and I was treated with kindness and respect , talking me through everything he was going to do and made me feel completely at ease . So 6 months on . All my new crowns ( 5 ) , bridge ( 1) , white filling ( 4 ) and root canal (1 ) treatment I had are still as good as they day they were done . I cannot recommend this dentist enough and will always go and see him for all future work I need . I?ve never had the service in the uk both privately and NHS like that I received from Dr Albayrak . Thank-you .

Excellent dentist 

Visited Dr.Necip June 2016 .The service he provides is second to none.His attitude is friendly and is not judgemental at the condition of your teeth.It was explained at length what could be achieved and the cost ...After treatment I was delighted with his work , way beyond my expectations considering the extensive work.From day one Dr.Necip insisted the work would fitted in around my holiday to suit me.        Thanks doc.  

Andrew Ormiston

I first went to see Dr Albayrak in May 2011...I needed some replacement crowns and a bridge to replace a denture.

Unfortunately I couldn't have this work done at that time because, as Dr Albayrak explained, I needed the post  and root from an old broken crown extracting first. He went on to explain how it would be bad practice to do the work I wanted until I'd had this extraction, but after the gum had fully healed he would do the work required.

I felt totally at ease and was impressed by his integrity (I'm sure there are some people who would have gone ahead with my wishes, bad practice or not!)

Anyway...the gum healed and I returned to Turkey on August 26th 2011, was collected from my hotel the next morning, the preliminary 
work was done and everything explained fully to me  and I was driven back to my hotel with temporary crowns in situ.

Just 4 days later I went back to have my porcelain crowns fitted.

I was put completely at ease by Dr Albayrak's manner.
He speaks excellent English.
I was given as much local anaesthetic as I requested.
The service was excellent.
It was a fraction of the cost I would have paid in the UK.
I now have have a lovely, even, set of teeth which are 100% improvement on my originals. 
I have recieved so many compliments.
I'm thrilled with my new teeth/smile and would recommend this dental service to anyone.
In fact I am taking a friend (who was so impressed with mine) to have her teeth crowned next year in May 2012.

Dee Little

Professional work

 I was going in March on vacation to Marmaris. I contacted an organisation in Denmark, which point out a dentist to be trusted an doing an excellent job and the name was Dr. Necip . He had treated a lot of danish people and got the best recommendation.

I am so happy I met and been treated by Dr. Necip.
Excellent work and NO PAIN. It was also 40% cheaper than in Danmark. 
I had a beautiful vacation, it took only about 5 hours to fix a bridge, this including planning and x-rays.

Dr. Necip is from now on my dentist. See you Dr. Necip.

Catharina van der Westen

, ?rhus, Danmark.